Katie McMillan Photos adventures and experiences with a camera.

Blogging what I've captured is something I've wanted to do for a long while, but until now I've never really had the time with juggling university and various jobs. Not only will I be putting my professional work here, I am aiming to post more personal projects and photographs I capture while out on my travels with my friends.

This weekend, after lots of talks with the boys in 'Calls Landing' we headed up to Otley Chevin, a little hungover from the night before after celebrating my university results and saying goodbye to our friend Scotty. We have been discussing and building up ideas for lots of various projects with their music which I'm super excited about after hearing some of their new record.

Here are a quick promo shot and a curby club group shot we did before we headed up:

Calls Landing

Curby Club

On the drive up the sun was setting and it was the perfect evening to head to the Chevin, we obviously had to go to Surprise View. If you have never been, I suggest you get yourself up there as the views are spectacular once you head over to the rocks. I borrowed my friends GoPro as I am considering investing in one but wanted to try it out before I purchased one. Me and Charlie always play about with my cameras so while I was driving he was doing some filming to capture the beautiful sunset and of course a sneaky shot of himself out the car window.

 Charlie out the car

Once we got up there, we got an ice cream and headed up to the rocks to be greeted by the most spectacular view of what looked like the sun setting the sky on fire. The other car was already there so we joined them and I showed them how the GoPro is linked to my phone, which is so impressive.


Along with 3/4 of 'Calls Landing', Lucy & JD joined us on our adventure. Once the sun had set to the point that the GoPro could not pick up anything other then a few twinkling lights from the village, we got out my SLR.


Beautiful right?! It was such a perfect time to go as all the street lights started turning on as well. Behind us the airport lights were on and the city behind us was twinkling. The band wanted a silhoutte photograph, which looked super cool:

Calls Landing

And then, JD gets out his pop punk jump. Theres always an excuse right?!


Such a great Sunday evening, full of great friends and great views. There will be so many more of these mini adventures over the next couple of months which is super exciting, and I will be writing about them. I'm so new to this, so please bare with me. I have lots of catching up to do with things I want to write about including Slam Dunk Festival 2014, my holiday to Madrid and some weddings I've photographed over summer. Watch this space.